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Late Night Tourist – Washington, DC

History provides hope for the future.
Here’s to letting myself know that everything will be just fine.

Dear Monique,

You’ve grown a lot just from choosing to be more present each day, trusting in and listening to yourself. By doing so, you have given yourself permission to give more love and support to others without feeling as if it’s  taking something directly from your soul. Continue to love hard and unconditionally without feelings of guilt or shame.

Have faith when times get hard because you write your own story. Always trust and believe in yourself.  Remember that any issues you currently face are temporary and were never meant to stop or break you. Along with all the other obstacles you have already overcome, they will only make you stronger.

Feeling lost in the past and drowned out by the world’s distractions showed you that could never comfortable there and the stories you told yourself was getting you nowhere fast. They were filled with too many excuses.

Your struggles are a reflection of your strength. Even when you think you don’t have any. It is unshakable with faith as long as you remain optimistic in your darkest times. You are your own worst critic but your dreams will continue to manifest as you develop more ideas and put them into action. Thoughts of your work going unnoticed should not cripple you – never stop working. Continue to put your best work out into the universe with true confidence and no self-doubt.

Your worries of being left behind only blocked you from seeing your progress and how far you’ve come. Always break the chains of habit so today’s moments are never overlooked because of anxiety and thoughts of what the future may bring.

You never said you were perfect and even with a journalism degree you realize that the more you write, the easier it becomes. You are gifted so keep going and don’t worry about popularity contest.

Continue to move at your own pace – remember slow and steady wins the race.

Trust that your story is bigger and deeper than you.
Work hard but never forget to take your mental health day.
Dreams Do Come True.

Monique HowardComment