“Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” – Chinese Proverb

Was it just me or was anybody else totally overwhelmed at the end of 2017 and hesitant to embrace 2018 full on? I wanted to but I just didn’t have it in me to actually post this on New Year’s Day. I allowed heartbreak to distract me and the holiday vacation to last a little longer than it should have.

In the past year I was a girl who completely, undoubtedly lost herself. I quit another job, began following my dream, fell out of love and started finding or as I like to say creating myself all over again – oh and all in just one year. 2017 was not easy but real as hell. It was about acknowledging my demons, sitting quietly with them and listening to the stories each one of them told. Ultimately, allowing myself to embrace the pain in order to let go of many things, begin healing and move forward.

I had the opportunity to create a positive outlet for myself, build the courage to use my voice, travel and meet some pretty amazing, encouraging people along the way. Realizing that most times you have to become what you’re searching for in other people and when you feel you have no one to turn to, turn to God. Let him guide you, stay focused and when he speaks, listen. Be still and embrace what he has in store for you while always speaking your truth.

So even though I’m a little late (I’m working on that) I’ve also learned that “so many strong women begin as broken girls,” (r.h. Sin) and I am not afraid to admit my mistakes or poor decisions because it is more important to acknowledge them and keep going. You see there is nothing to “look” for when you’re “finding yourself” because it’s all there inside of you. Make the decision on how you want to live, choose that and work to create the life you’ve always wanted .  .  . EVERY single day!

My main goals for 2018 are to Live Curiously, to be bold, fearless and have fun in the pursuit of it all. To apply what I’ve learned and continue to find, accept and change generational pathologies. To get these coins and protect my peace and most importantly, to love myself first eliminating who or what does not serve a purpose in my life.

So while thoughts of starting a business, building relationships, embracing love and whatever else seem to give me anxiety at times; I know it is only temporary. I deserve these things and should never second guess them because of my past experiences. With time I will continue to break the silence, never settle and tell the story. ♡

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