There was a time when I didn't want to identify myself as a writer because I didn't want to be put in a box. I didn't want to be stuck writing beats or certain news articles that limited my creativity. Which was what we focused on so much in undergrad. Instead I neglected my craft instead of exploring it. I've realized that most of us are not lazy or unmotivated we just aren't inspired enough all the time and we have to do a little more work to see or create inspiration.

I can get so consumed in one thing that other important projects go on the back burner as I work to create a healthy balance in my lifestyle. Then I get stuck with so many things on my mind, which is exhausting and followed with late or little to no action behind to assist in the execution.

Which is the reflection of a lesson I’ve been ignoring and should have learned from weeks ago.

I've taken recent signs as a reminder to never stop writing, regardless of what all may be going on around me and to never settle for being deficient in any skill or talent God has given me. There will be moments when I should continue to work instead of sleep, learn instead of party, pray instead of worry and then live like I've always dreamed. I am allowing myself to keep pushing forward in peace, falling in love with what I want and deserve and learning to balance what I allow in and what goes out.

This is why it is so important to reconnect, reflect and continue to evolve.

We all have to assess our lives as it is right now and make the necessary adjustments to find balance. Often times people feel like they are just one step away from falling. Constantly trying to move forward with our purpose, achieve our goals and spread positivity all the while trying to keep in balance the various elements of our lives.

There’s marriage and family, health, your social life, spiritual development, mental growth and finances that all need to accounted for. Are you tipping to one side, unbalanced in one direction? Do you feel mentally stagnant or spiritually unaligned? How do you devote ample energy to all areas?

♡ Know your priorities and choose wisely while learning to love yourself.

Making conscious decisions to challenge ourselves with unbound effort at the face of temptation. As we go through different stages of life our energies and focus will change so we must remember to examine our values and always decide what’s important to us. Then set boundaries for yourself and others and stick to them. Exercising and eating properly, unwind with hobbies daily for 30 minutes to an hour (music, writing, reading, etc.) and continuously developing spiritual alignment through prayer and reflective writing are just a few examples.

♡ Create an efficient mindset by being organized and planning ahead.

Assess what needs to be done at the beginning of each week. Keep a planner or calendar while scheduling quality time for yourself. Take time to connect with family and friends and recharge your batteries to avoid stress. Be willing to check yourself out, reassessing your actions and hold yourself accountable for how you may have put yourself in certain situations.

♡ Expect the unexpected.

“Don’t worry about it pray about it.” Be willing and able to adjust, knowing that you can always refresh and rejuvenate yourself as long as you make time for it.

♡ Maintain a positive attitude.

Start each day off with good intention. Be open to change your perspective to see the good in every situation and remain optimistic. Practice not letting things get to you - relieving yourself of a lot less stress.

These are just a few things I have learned and been working on that have allowed me to begin creating a more balanced lifestyle. I am still challenging myself to write daily regardless of what is going on around me as it is my craft and main outlet for sanity. Life isn't always about going with the flow. It is so important to assess yourself and your actions. Recharge yourself when necessary then dive back to it so you can stay on track. ♡

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