There's definitely a difference between nice and kind. I am kind. Then there are times when I am nice (but I am tired) and won't be causing myself unnecessary stress to spare others. This especially goes for my dating life and newly developed relationships.


Recently, my mom kept asking me was I okay with the decision I made to walk away from building a new relationship with someone. I had to be honest with myself first and her, explaining that I will no longer ignore my intuition and then be sorry in the long run. I am working on allowing myself to keep pushing forward in peace after a breakup, falling in love with what I want and deserve and anything that disrupts that has to go. I will not be chasing anyone or anything else but my dream.


Relationships can be complicated, especially if you are not clear about your intentions. When you are working to improve almost every aspect of your life things are challenging and it requires time. Time that you may not be willing to devote or share with someone else. Vital time that you may have the fear of wasting if your desires aren't fulfilled.


Often times when we meet people, we are not the best versions of ourselves. Knowing and owning this ahead of time can spare you and others a lot of hurt. Through continuous experience, I have learned that it is possible to work on personal growth and healing while your interest in someone grows however, they have to be willing to be patient, attentive and listen.


When we are open and honest about who we truly are, what demons we battle with, our strengths and weakness along with our intentions then we will be truly successful at love. Honesty and communication are key factors and we are worthy of whatever our heart desires. No need to hold back so much.  It is only stopping us from being honest when we know what we want all along. ♡

. . . to be continued.

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