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“Because you're worth it.”

My God Father used to send letters from prison with all the words cut out from magazine articles. My mother would help my sister and I send him letters the same way as it became a regular arts and crafts project for us. Throughout my teenage years my collection of magazines grew and my love for visual arts began to flourish.

After graduating from college and joining the workforce I felt detached from my creativity and expression. I often felt trapped behind a desk, constantly consumed with thoughts of freedom desperate for an escape plan.

The content found in printed publications are like hidden treasures. Filled with inspiration and reminders that each day presents new opportunities for us to keep creating new experiences. Vision Boards allow you to be creative without searching for perfection to create custom, unique designs of your own that reflect your goals.

Having your vision visually mapped out in front of you helps you remain focused and motivated as you work harder towards your dreams.
I want people to realize the importance of actually seeing the things you want in order for them to manifest and nurture it. To take pride in it and ultimately to never be afraid to explore beyond your comfort zone - it is here where you will find the most strength.

We're constantly dealing with more than one thing at a time.
Life is beautiful chaos.

See My Vision Boards below .  .  .

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